Steadicam Operator
London, UK WC2N 6AA

Felix Forrest, London Steadicam Operator, SteadiSeg & MK-V Omega AR Operator. AKA SteadiOp

The homepage for those with a need for a steadicam operator and useful resources for operators using steadicam, MK-V omega AR and MovI gimbal equipment

Shooting in London, Manchester, Glasgow and with further bases in Spain, the US and with logitsitcs support for North Africa, Felix is an experinced cinematographer and steadicam operator for stereoscopic 3D, Holographics 3D and regular 2D/HD productions

With over 20 years of film-making experience, Felix is an experienced member of crew capable of bringing the very best production value to your shots utlising steadicam, Omega AR and shotmaker equipment. Felix invests in and maintains the very best and latest equipment in the indusry.

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