5 Useful Cinematography Android Apps (Part 2)

Pocket AC Android App Icon

Step on a film set and you may feel like you’re in an Apple store. All of those iPhones, iPads, Macbooks with the glowing Apple logo – they tend to dominate the electronics that crew use on set.

But Android is as strong as ever, increasingly making space for itself in the toolkit of the filmmaker.

Of course, a smartphone or a tablet by itself isn’t the most useful tool for cinematographers. Sure you can keep a schedule and check email, but the real power of the smartphone is in the apps – specifically apps designed for cinematographers that help calculate, measure, and reference.

And here are five practical, useful apps for those in the camera department with Android devices…

Pocket AC

Price: $9.99
Download: Google Play Store

I wish they made this app for the iPhone because I would download it in a heartbeat without thinking twice about the affordable $9.99 price tag.

Besides featuring one of the most beautiful digital interfaces I’ve seen in any app, Pocket AC – the AC standing for camera assistant – is packed full of tools, calculators, and references for anybody working within the camera department:

  • Depth of Field Calculator
  • Digital Runtime Calculator
  • Camera Specs Reference
  • Film Stocks Reference
  • Exposure
  • Field of View Calculator
  • Focus Chart
  • Insert Slate
  • And more…

There are too many features to list it all here. As one reviewer wrote, “This is the first genuinely professional AC tool I’ve found for Android, that doesn’t make me miss pCam or Toland on iOS. ”

Perhaps the most exciting feature, however, is the well-done camera reports tool. Listed in the app as “Camera Log,” it lets you keep camera reports …read more


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