Canon Announces Dual Pixel AF for C300 & New RC-V100 Remote

Today, Canon announced an optional update for the C300 that will add support for the Dual Pixel Autofocus function. This update was also introduced for the C100 in November. As with the C100 and 70D, the Dual Pixel AF on the C300 allows continuous autofocus that is twice as fast as the current one-shot AF mode. It will track subjects in the center of the frame, allowing for more natural-looking pans and ensuring that subjects remain in focus even when moving, which is great for anyone doing doc or run-and-gun work. The system also allows you to lock on to a single focus point so that you can recompose the shot. Once the update is released in May, users will have to send their cameras to an authorized Camera Service Center for installation.

Additionally, Canon has announced a new remote control for the XF and C series cameras that provides controls similar to those found on a paint box. Iris, white balance, master black, focus, knee, pedestal, black gamma, and ND filters are all accessible from the new RC-V100. The remote is scheduled to ship in June and will work with the C100, C300, and C500.

For a complete breakdown and timeline of all the updates, make sure to check out Canon’s official press release.

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