Download This Cinematography Case Study of Janusz Kaminski, ASC

Janusz Kaminski, ASC Cinematography Study Preview 1

You can learn a lot about cinematography by simply watching movies. You can also learn a lot when the cinematographers behind the lens and behind the camera speak themselves.

But what about doing both?

That’s the idea behind a director’s commentary track on a DVD, but rarely are we afforded the same insight with the cinematographer. Instead we have to turn to interviews separate from the visuals in magazines, on websites, and through behind-the-scenes docs.

Not anymore thanks to cinematographer Stephen Murphy who’s created a series of “personal study documents” – PDF files that compile quotes from a particular cinematographer placed next to stills from their cinematic efforts. Now we’re able to look at the frames of a cinematographer’s film while pairing it with their opinions on how they did it, why they did it, and what it means.

With this juxtaposition, you get a better sense of the effect lighting has on the story and finished film.

And today Stephen has allowed The Black and Blue to share an exclusive 85-page case study of the work of Janusz Kaminski, ASC. Kaminski is known mostly for working with Steven Spielberg and having lensed films like Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, A.I., and Lincoln.

Click here to download the Janusz Kaminski Case Study (PDF, 23MB)

Preview of the Case Study Document:

Janusz Kaminski, <a href= …read more


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