Happy 4th Birthday to The Black and Blue!

After four years of writing happy birthday posts, it’s hard to come up with something new. The novelty of year one has worn off, the impressiveness of a continued sophomore effort is gone, and the stability realized by a third birthday celebration has grown stale.

(Maybe that’s why I accidentally missed the site’s real birthday one week ago on January 4th. Oops.)

However, the excitement of somehow being around (and being read) for another year has never left.

I know it might sound insincere when I say I can’t believe it, but it’s truly astounding for me to think about. This website was birthed as something small. In the beginning, I was lucky to have 10 visitors per day stop by to read a post. Gratefully, it has grown to be much larger.

And after four years of writing, the only thing I find myself drawing a blank on is the happy birthday posts. I still have tons of ideas for articles designed to inform, teach, challenge, and entertain. My drafts queue is full of writings that will eventually make their way onto the website and, before we know it, I’ll have to find another novel way to talk about a 5th birthday celebration.

Until then, I’d like to discuss what’s happened over the past year at The Black and Blue…

10 Fun Facts About The Black and Blue in 2013

I try not to spend too much time obsessing over web stats, but the …read more


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