How to Light & Frame for the Best Looking Interview Ever: Part I – New York

Whether you work with a director of photography or set up and shoot your own interviews, How to Light and Frame for the Best Looking Interview Ever will give you the tools you need. Combining discussion and hands-on practice, the workshop covers how to maximize your location, how to light the interviewee to best effect, how to set up the camera, and how to make the right decisions on set that will positively affect the edit.

Attendees will work hands-on with the skills they acquired throughout the discussion portion of the workshop and explore many of the real world situations we all encounter. Attendees will use two cameras and a small lighting and grip kit to examine the light and frame choices within each setup.

How to Light and Frame for the Best Looking Interview Ever – Part I takes the following questions into consideration:

  • Who is the person you are going to interview? What is their role in the story you are photographing?
  • What perception do you want to engender about our interviewee?
  • Who is in your audience? How will they be viewing the final story?
  • What style of lighting and which camera/lens choices will best support your creative vision?
  • What are the location and/or studio logistics to consider? Small room? Large room? Furnishings?
  • What style of lighting and lens selection will offer the best cosmetic choice for the interviewee and the story you are creating.
  • Light quality & control, multiple lighting sources & color temperatures, windows & treatment, teleprompter, camera movement, sound issues.
  • How to decode interview portraits with both the images you’ve created and the work of others.

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