Panasonic GH4 in a professional setting

Dan Chung from DSLR News Shooters interviews Illya Friedman of Hot Rod Cameras about the new Panasonic GH4 camera and how it find it’s home in a professional setting.

The GH4 is a consumer camera but one which has the most pro-camera leanings I’ve ever seen from a consumer or even prosumer model.

Because of that many professional shooters are considering the GH4.

Here then are some of the remaining questions from pros on the EOSHD forum answered…

1. Does the GH4 output 4K over the micro-HDMI port?

When the camera is set to record in 4K internally the onboard HDMI output is down-converted automatically to 1080p. In playback mode the HDMI output is 4K capable (relaying the 8bit 4:2:0 footage from SD card). Only the DMW-YAGH add-on base can output 4K (uncompressed, 10bit 4:2:2) from the GH4. However the micro-HDMI port is 8bit / 10bit switchable and can deliver impressive 1080p in 10bit 4:2:2 format, uncompressed to an external recorder.

2. How would you recommend rigging the YAGH external box?

The two screw threads on the front of the box according to Panasonic are there to add rails and support for PL mount lenses. The box has to sit under the camera in its current guise so you won’t be able to mount it anywhere on the rig on the end of a cable. The add-on is not heavy but it does raise the centre of gravity of the camera and lens a little bit. HD-SDI, XLR and power connectors exit on the right of the box, so that’s a positive as the cables face outwards from your shoulder and not inwards towards your neck when the camera is on a shoulder …read more


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