Raw Stock: Why You Shouldn’t Run on a Film Set, TV Framerates and Business Card Titles

Do You Think I Should Avoid Running On Set?

Welcome to the third installment of Raw Stock: an article series where I answer readers questions that come to me via email. This week brings us an interesting mix of topics:

  • The dangers of running on set
  • Why TV looks different from movies
  • And what titles should be used on business cards

As always, please share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments. Part of what makes the filmmaking community – and this website – great are the different stories, experiences, and perspectives crew have. So don’t be shy to help answer these questions yourself!

Now on to the first one…

Do You Think I Should Avoid Running On Set?

I usually work as a 2nd [Assistant Camera] or Camera PA, so I fetch things for the department, often when the truck is very far away. I have good stamina so in such situations I usually run, rather than walk, to go get it. My thought is that this is good because it cuts the time I take in half, and I can’t imagine making the crew wait ten minutes or even longer for whatever I was sent to get, and that being willing to do that may get me some favor to be hired again. But after my most recent shoot, my 1st [Assistant Camera] explained that he doesn’t think you should ever run on set because 1) you could get hurt and 2) it makes you look stupid/like you forgot something.

Do you think this is true, and that it is worth walking when you could run? Would you think badly of your 2nd because she walked the quarter mile back to the truck when you desperately needed something brought to set?

– Rinny W.

The explanation your 1st Assistant Camera (AC) gave you is …read more


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