See my profile at IMDB for other film work or contact here for a complete list/older credits and CV.    Recent MK-V Omega AR and unusual work includes:

A3 Noticias 24 Antenna 3 Jose Rierra Arri Alexa
ACM Awards Trickyart/Charlotte Knight Ricky Tart Tape MC/Live
Alas MacGregor & Merson GMAC Mario Saleri HD Tape
ASOS ~ Catwalk Treve Jackson HD
Bob Geldof ‘Drop the Debt Campaign’ JDC Trish Williams HD Tape
Bula Quo Status Quo Films Stuart St Paul Red Epic
Bush Jubilee Campaign (Uncredited) JDC Trish Williams HD Tape
Capsule Hermes Andrew Martin/Felix Forrest RED Epic (Dragon)
Carphone Warehouse Commercial   Film660 Mario Saleri Red HD
Charlie (Promo) Charlie Film Mike Ogden/Felix Forrest RED MX
Chickenhawk Entitled Productions Andrew Martin Red
Cinco de Mayo (E. Producer) IPP Films Giles Greenwood/Simon Uttley Film
Contact 3D 3D Maxim David Gent/Philip Ho Epic M 3D (Atom Rig)
Empire of Dirt Red Bull/Gramafilm Arri Alexa
Excéntrico ~ Promo Rapido Juan Dean Arri 416 – S16mm
Fallout Nois TV Tupaq Felber/Alex Cavalho Red HD
Flavhour: Music Video Adventures James Calvert HD Tape
FS Recruitment Film Farm Sarah Broad Arri 235 – 35mm
Give me Fiction Chalkstar Films Josh Nolan/Martyna Knitter Red MX
Glastonbury JDC Kim Trathen HD Tape
Good Luck with That (E. Producer) Breakenback Films Igor Smiljevic HD
Heaven’s Ernest Wave Films John Michell HD
Intruders Antenna 3 Films Juan Carlos Fresnadillo/Enrique Chediak Arri 435/RED One
Junte Crystal Films Martin Bunce/Tony Anderson Arri Alexa
Justo Artman Productions Julian Beaumont Arri 235 – 35mm
Kicasso Breakenback Films Mik Gojic Tape
Kill Keith Dead on Arrival Productions Andy Thompson/Luke Bryant RED One
La Muerte de Mi DeAPlaneta Feature Jose Herrerias Arricam LT
Letter to Jane Chalkstar Films Martyn Chalk/Felix Forrest Red MX
Lord of the Dance 3D Nineteen Fifteen Marcus Viner/Nick Wheeler Neutron Rig Twin SI-2Ks/3D
Management Bites (Series) Merson Mario Saleri 35mm Film
Manx Meister – Mercedes SLS 3D Inc:word Pete Woods/Geoff Boyle SI2K 3D DC Rig
Masterfull Artistry At Work Michael Kreo RED Epic
Matched MovingBrands Jack Laurence Super 16mm
Nectar Race Fuel SM Simon Matthews/Colm O’Rourke RED MX
Not Alone Gaia Media Tristan Versluis Red HD
Olivia Twist Falcon Features Arno Hazebroek/Jasmin Anderson Canon 7D
One Day in February: Beautiful Day Film660 Martin Kaye HD Tape
Orange Soul & Blues E&C Emma Charlesworth HD
Pacemaker VimFilm RED MX
Party in the Park BBC Tape
RAS Commercial Film660 Mario Saleri Tape                                                       
RJW – Selections Commercial Film660 Mario Saleri 16mm Film
Run Run Run Artman Productions Julian Beaumont Arri Alexa
Scratch Breakthru Films Jakob Rorvik Arri SR3 – S16mm
Shank Onecut Films Sky/Laura Bellingham Red HD
Sherlock Holmes – BDO GMAC Kelly Pearson Tape
Sherlock Holmes Investigates (Flash) GMAC Chantel Tyler-Low Tape
Six Foot Charlies E&C Emma Charlesworth Tape
Skyhawk Racing UTV Harry Caufield/Felix Forrest Arri Alexa
Smile of April (E. Producer) Broken Artists Pictures Jessica Brajoux/Sabrina Karine HD Tape
Storage Passion Pictures David Lea/Piers Leigh HD Tape
Suisse Vitamins Powerhouse Productions Peter Corbett/Tony Brennan HD (Varicam)
Tax Socials Commercial Film660 Mario Saleri Red
Taylor Continental Commercial CFID Peter Hemington Arri 235 – 35mm
The Beatking: Music Video Adventures James Calvert HD Tape
The Car Maverick Films Sascha Boxell/Adam Etherington Red HD
The Restaurant ~ Promo Season 3 Red Bee / BBC Calum MacDiarmid/Oliver Curtis Arri 416 – S16mm
Time to Go Sony Serdar Ferit/Nic Morris BSC Arri Alexa
To Your Health Ballet Boys/Channel 4 William Williamson/Trevor Speed Arri Alexa
Toploader at Sony Studios JDC Kim Trathen Arri 416 – S16mm
Tramp – Dreams in the Park Film660 Jordan Dorn Tape
Tribe Savanna Films Benjamin Johns/Mikolaj Jaroszewicz RED MX
TV3 Canal 3/24 Jose Rierra Arri Alexa
We Play War CFS George Murphy/Theo Ribero C300
Woof ~ Agent Provocateur Ad-Virtue Joseph Oppenheimer/Laura Bellingham Super 16mm
Yumi in Love (E. Producer) Ashley Park Terry Miles HD Tape
2020 Hindsight (E. Producer) Breakenback Films Shawn Peach HD

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