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Rain Deflector

A classical rain deflector with a unique design

Well, most camera operators understand the importance of rain deflectors when operating outdoors and the rain falls (particularly in the UK climate and weather).

As a Steadicam Operator, I suspect its not a normal piece of kit to have in the operator’s inventory.  However, having spent (far too much time) shooting under rain machines for idents and feature films alike, I decided an investment here would be useful personally and for our Camera Hire business – BeyondR3D

The particular variant we purchased is a Sprayoff Micro.

The Sprayoff micro’s design allows easy handling and quick setup. Its designed to be used into an existing matte box, like ARRI’s LMB-5 and MB-19 or Chrosziel MB 450 (also available on hire from us).  The Sprayoff micro is meant to be pushed into the matte box instead of the first (front) filter tray.

Power is supplied from the camera with an RS-cable. That’s it. Setup complete. Its easy and quick setup is done as fast as a filter change.

The benefits of this system are that at least one filter tray remains for the parallel use.  The Sprayoff micro is also very light weighing in at only 360 gramms and is thus, ideal for Steadicam, handheld and brushless gimbal camera operation.

With its optical width of 118 mm it is optimised for use with wide formats and wide angle lenses and it is only with glass below 11mm that any degree of vignette appears.

Our kit for hire includes:

  • 1 x Sprayoff micro
  • 1 x Peli Case
  • 2 x Spare Glass
  • 1 x Power Cable 24V Fischer 3-pin  (we also have Rig kits to power the rain deflector from MK-V, XCS and GPI-Pro Steadicam rigs).

Contact us here for more details or to hire.  We stock this in our London based camera store and can ship globally subject to insurance and rental agreement.

sprayoff rain deflector

Rear view of sprayoff rain deflector


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