3D Stereoscopic & Holographic Productions

3D and Beyond

Read on to find out a little more about Felix’s experience in the world of stereoscopic and holographic 3D film and broadcast production.

Stereoscopic Production

With the investment and research which has gone into 3 dimensional filmmaking over the last few years, it seems we really can produce compelling, headache free content.  Much of the research has delivered new rules for shooting 3D.  Felix undertook a 3D training course with Sony/3Ality at the BBC in the UK in 2008.  It was literally ‘eyeopening’ to the extent that you really could see what the hype is about….. subject to compliance with these key rules.  Felix has since completed several further related training programmes for stereography, holography and production planning.

Felix has worked on a number of 7/8 figure high budget 3D shoots using state of the art kit, with the world’s leading stereo cinematographers and crews of talented stereo technicians, he’s ready to do it again.

Holographic Production

In addition, Felix has spent a considerable amount of time working with the inventors of the world’s largest Holographic 3D display to focus on the shooting considerations for unlimited depth, real 3D. More? Have an interesting project in pre-production? Call Felix or drop him a line.  Having gained experience as a 3D camera operator, 3D Steadicam operator, 3D MK-V AR operator and with experience in Holographic 3D, he is more than willing to share what he knows and put you in touch with the right people to bring your project to fruition.

Planning a 3D Shoot?

Need help, want to discuss your options, need a crew or just want to chew the cud over the whys and wherefores of putting a 3D production together? Feel free to get in touch.  Felix has experiencing of acting as a Production Consultant to a range of such shows and features and provided support and design guidance to a national broadcaster in Sri Lanka in respect of their adoption of 3D broadcast technologies.


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