Welcome to SteadiOp – the home of the London based Multi Award Winning Cinematographer, Steadicam Operator and MK-V Omega AR Operator, Felix Forrest, SOC.

Felix is an experienced, professional and accomplished London based camera and Steadicam Operator with a string of global cinematography and camera operating awards.  He utilises some of the most up-to-date, best and  effective equipment in the world to achieve stunning visuals and cinematography.  Felix has established an extensive inventory of filmmaking equipment available both for dry and wet hire for short/low budgets through to full size studio features.

Available for assistance and camera operating globally, Felix is especially experienced in working in Spain, Latin America and the US.  Domestically, Felix is able to work anywhere in the UK and has reciprocal bases in major UK cities including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham.

You’ll find a lot here including quick access to the Steadicam Facebook Group, the most recent posts form the Steadicam Forum, manufacturer’s resources and useful links together with what is hoped to be an informative blog of own generated content and the best related content blogged by others around the world.  Please note, that full links and reference to the original articles are always provided.

There is also some content relating to 3D – ask nicely and Felix will share his insight and experience around Holographic 3D production.  Felix is one of a very small number of operators globally with such practical experience.

Stay a while, check out my reel or visit BeyondR3D, our Camera Hire business or ActionDP our Photography and Cinematography business.

Book a multi-award winning Steadicam operator

Felix can be booked via a quick call to Wizzo on +44 (0) 20 7437 2055 or via email: diary@wizzoandco.co.uk

Alternatively, feel free to head over to the contact page here and submit an enquiry: https://www.steadiop.com/index.php/contact/



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