MK-V Omega AR

The MK-V Omega AR Revolution

The Revolution System is MK-V’s Flagship innovation. We are taking body mounted camera stabilisation to the next level by providing Operators with a way of producing shots never seen before.

The top of the range system is the Auto-leveling Revolution System (Omega AR). This gives Operators the ability to shoot from ground level to 8 feet, and Automatically change modes in less than a second. The camera and monitor track the horizon no matter the angle of the sled. The new V2 AR system also has an optional gimbal control to allow for manual control (roll) over your horizon whilst stablising.

The AR and Nexus V3 Systems are leading the way in which body mounted camera stabilisation is defined – Operators are finding new and unique ways of creating shots that were once impossible, and allowing a whole new way of moving the camera and telling the story.

Power & Camera Support

The MK-V Ωmega AR System comes with a variety of camera mounting plates and is designed to be modular, for any cameras or formats including those that will appear in the future.

The rig has power for the camera and accessories plus the state of the art electronics to control all aspects of the system; each area of the design has its own processor to allow high speed and intelligence.

The MK-V Ωmega AR Systems’ patented and registered design is fully modular and lightweight. The design is made from the latest custom composites and alloys to give total rigidity and support with very little weight. This design is incredibly strong.

The MK-V Ωmega AR System has been designed to work with a great number of cameras, ranging from small HD DV Cameras, to 35mm Film Cameras.

Camera Compatibility (contact me for a full list)

The list here provides a quick guide to which are suitable for use with the MK-V Ωmega AR System.
✓   ARRI Alexa
✓   ARRI Amira
✓   ARRICAM LT (* – BEST 35mm Sync Camera)
✓   ARRI 235 (* – Best 35mm Non Sync camera)
✓   ARRI 435
✓   ARRI SR2, SR3
✓   ARRI 416* or Aaton Prod* – Best 16mm Cameras
✓   Aaton Penelope & 35 & Penelope Delta (Good for use with PV lenses)
✓   Panavision XL (Not Light Weight)
✓   Moviecam SL Needs B&W tap (compact with not fit)
✓   RED One, Epic & Scarlet, Phantom & Viper system (* Best HD cameras)
✓   All 16mm, all Blackmagic & all DSLR cameras
✓   Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (with Hotrod PL Mount & Viewfactor cage) – Best digital S16 solution
✓   XTR, a minima
✓   HD, Digital 900, 950 etc, Varicam and HDV and DV etc.
✓   Digibeta/SP etc (400/700/790/900 range need to remove top handle)

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