Rate Card for Wet and Dry Steadicam Hire

Basis of Rates

Please contact us to discuss rates and expenses: +44 (0) 7798 705 347

Industry standard rates apply.  However, my rates are negotiable subject to availability and duration of shoot (multi-day buyouts etc).  Discounts are available for travel and prep days.  For longer terms productions, negotiated pricing is the norm and for feature films, kit and operator packages can be prepared on a bespoke basis.

In terms of logistics, shipping and couriers, we can make necessary arrangements worldwide using our pre-negotiated and very competitive agreements or you can arrange for your own insured shipping and return.

If you’re a creative Director or DP working on a shoot and think you can really enhance production values and creative story telling with the use of my services on the MK-V Omega Revolution – call me to discuss – sell me the concept – bag yourself a budget saving rate and access to over £150K of kit!

Wet & Dry Hire of Kit

Both wet and dry hire of equipment is subject to proof of your own insurance and capability to fly a rig – Especially the MK-V AR Revolution and the Handsfree-Transporter. Complete packages are available – drop us a line for more details.

Other Equipment

Felix has an impressive, extensive array of filmmaking equipment including Arri digital cinema cameras, RED Epic Dragons, RED One MX cameras, Blackmagic ‘cinevised’ cameras (with full PL mount support and ultrawide glass sets).  Want to know more?  Visit our sister site, BeyondR3D for details.



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