Handsfree – SteadiSeg

The SteadiSeg – SteadiOp Handsfree Transporter

Handsfree Transporter is an add-on/modification that provides for safe and easy “look-mum-no-hands” operation of any Segway. The Handsfree Transporter frees up the operators hands for camera operation, making it ideal for use by Steadicam operators.

Used alone, the Handsfree Transporter is a very effective tool that allows operators to ride instead of run. When a Handsfree Transporter is used with a Klassen HT Hardmount the cameras weight is transferred to the stablised platform, making the operators job easier on the body.

Even handheld operators can safely use the Handsfree Transporter if used in conjunction with the Klassen HT Hardmount and Suspender.

The Handsfree Transporter is very intuitive to use – simply leaning forward or backward controls fore-and-aft motion, while turning is easily controlled by foot pedals. The gyro-stabilised platform ensures a safe and stable platform.

The Handsfree Transporter is capable of speeds of 21 km/hr and is powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery. The XT version (off-road) can travel 15 km on a single charge, while the HT version can traverse up to 35 km. The load capacity is 105 kg.

More details are available from Reinhard (the guy who made mine) here. Alternatively two new generations are available.  One from MK-V and the new generation SteadiSeg from Chris Fawcett.

The SteadiOp HT is available in both off-road or studio configurations and comes equipped with a durable flight case and charger cable.  Call or email to arrange to come and have a go and to discuss dry hire.


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