Useful resources for Steadicam operators


Manufacturers – Tiffen makers of THE Steadicam. – PRO Stabilising System. – MK-V Nexus & Omega AR Revolution modular systems. Rig Engineering. New arm. – Ultimatte Sled and TB6 monitor. – Sachtler version. – For those without the big bucks. – Swiss based manufacturer

Accessories – JCart, a great alternative to the Magliner – Arm rebuild, battery hangers, vest. – Speak to Brian – A great guy and a fantastic engineer. – A motorised electric dolly – good for Steadicam and virtually silent. – Chris Fawcett’s SteadiSeg website.  Want a Steadicam Segway?  Get one here. – Ask for Tom Gleeson – another good ‘un.  Great parts for Steadicam operators – Jerry Hill’s site. Great resources for Steadicam owner/operators. – Lentequip. Low mode brackets and mounts. – new and used equipment. – Back mounted vest – excellent vest. – wet weather / dust covers – Green screen monitor, video links, power converters.– Video transmitters, Steadicam brackets. – Preston wireless lens controls. – Bartech wireless lens control. – Scorpio lens control. – Focus, Iris, Zoom motors. – Speak with Andrew – great cable making service in the UK

Associations/Services/General – A great diary service. – My diary service. – Chris Fawcett’s great site/resource on camera movement/segways – Guild of Television Camera Operators. – Society of Camera Operators. – Steadicam Operators Association. – Steadicam forum, chat, info, classifieds. – Steadicam and the best ever 3D rig and camera resource. – European Steadicam site.


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