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Facebook not your normal destination?

Interested in Steadicam – you’re in the right place but on this page, its via Facebook!

This is a feed from the Facebook Steadicam Group Page.  Its a great resource, source of discussion and debate and often a little more accessible than the Steadicam Forum.  Fill your boots here but remember, these are not my views and I don’t necessarily share the opinions stated.

Nevertheless – some great new innovations, a little humour and used gear for sale.  These posts are UNMODERATED.

Please remember that links on this page are off site and may require a Facebook account for you to view them or a Steadicam forum username to see details of want ad/for sale notices.


Still not had enough?  You might also want to check out the ever informative resource at the Steadicam Forum.  Alternatively, visit our resources page here to explore a world of links to manufacturers and suppliers related to Steadicam and Camera Operation.


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